Brain Surgeries & Their Complications

Annually, many people face complications in their post-surgery life because of the incorrect way of carrying out the procedure or some other complication. It is estimated that a significant number of surgeries were performed even when there was no need of doing them.

Most of the cases that come for operation can be handled, if taken care of, by medicines and alternative procedures. So, it is of prime importance that you consult with the best doctors in your city and research well before opting for operation.

About Skull base tumour surgery                                    

Skull base tumours grow in the bones that form the base of the human skull. This portion lies behind the nose and eyes, in the bony ridge around it. The surgical procedure for removing the tumour is called as the minimally invasive endonasal endoscopic removal. A small incision is made in the area behind one of the ears or the eyebrow.

The specific cause for skull base tumour is hard to find. It can happen if the person is exposed to toxic chemicals or a specific kind of radiation. 

About Vascular Brain Malformation

When unusual blood vessels suddenly start forming in a human brain, the flow of blood gets altered. This gives rise to major complications and physical problems like seizures, headaches, problems in vision or speech, difficulty in vividly thinking, numbness, and symptoms of a stroke.

In a majority of cases, the vascular brain malformation gets unnoticed. Some people complain of problems when they press a specific area of their head, what happens here is on pressing the area of malformation, the brain tissue gets irritated and inflamed. Because of this, some abnormal substances leak inside the brain, causing further problems.  

Dr Sonal Gupta

Currently the Director of Spine at the Fortis Hospital in Shalimar, Dr Sonal Gupta is a senior brain and spine surgeon. She is one of the Vascular brain surgery specialists in Delhi who has worked as an assistant professor at AIIMS, one of the premier medical institute of our country.

She is also known to provide the best spinal tuberculosis treatment in India. Her international expertise at the Salford Royal Hospital in Manchester, UK, has added a feather in her cap.

Dr Gupta specializes in Skull base tumour surgery in Delhi. This surgery is challenging because the tumours surround the important nerves and blood vessels in your vein. Thus, your body requires the attention of a doctor like her, who has expertise in dealing with such conditions. Her team has superior experience in diagnosing and treating the tumours formed at the base of the skull. Dr Gupta’s insights and expertise help you in designing a comprehensive plan for your surgery and the measures to be taken after it.

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