What do I need to Know About Spinal Surgeries?

The human spine is a connection formed by the interlocking of 33 separate bones from the bottom of the skull to the lower back. Any damage to the smallest part of the spine can terribly affect the pace of your life. These complications can occur due to various reasons like accidents, infections, tumours, vertebral dislocation, and disc degeneration that happens with age.

What is Keyhole Spine Surgery?

Now, the question is – How would you know if there is a complication with your spine? Find the list of common symptoms that hint at spine complications.   

  • Continuous pain in the lower or upper back region
  • Neck pain
  • Problems in sitting, standing, or walking
  • Hands and Legs turning numb

What are the ways of operating over the Spine?

Spine surgeries are done in two ways – conventional and minimally invasive. The complicated tumours and disc compression problems are treated using the minimally invasive spine surgery (MISS), also known as Keyhole Spine Surgery. For Keyhole spinal surgery in West Delhi, consult an experienced doctor that can diagnose and perform the surgery with expertise.    

What is Spinal TB?

Spinal Tuberculosis makes up for 1% of general tuberculosis cases. However, it is the deadliest of them all. This is because the adjacent neural structures are compressed due to tuberculosis, and this gives rise to neurological problems.

How is it Operated?

Early detection is crucial for operating Spinal TB successfully. Only when the doctors detect complications in the MRI and neurological examination, do they recommend spinal TB surgery. But, for that, you need to consult with the best spinal tuberculosis specialist in your area. 

About Dr Sonal Gupta

Dr Sonal Gupta works as the Director of Spine at the Fortis Hospital in New Delhi. In addition to being the Senior Brain surgeon in the facility, she is the most experienced Spinal Tuberculosis Specialist in Delhi. In her 20 years of experience, she worked as a registrar of Neurosurgery at the Salford Royal Hospital in Manchester, UK. Today, she is also the most recommended surgeon for Keyhole spinal surgery in Delhi.

Dr Gupta received her training from the most reputed institute of Medical Science in Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala. After completing her training in the institute, she pursued her interest further by becoming the Assistant professor as AIIMS. Her farsightedness and attention to details help her win over multiple cases of her forte.

Using the information on this website, contact Dr Gupta to know more about her expertise.    

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